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Secure sustainable wealth

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I worked hard for my money,

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TLA Wealth and Advisory Services

TLA was founded to provide niche professional services of a highly personalised nature to affluent individuals, their families and their related businesses. We offer clients a multi-disciplinary and holistic approach to create solutions for protecting and managing their wealth for current and future generations.

Our services include the setting up of long-term financial and inheritance structures, locally and offshore, suited to the unique needs and nature of each client, their family and their assets together with specialised taxation and management advisory services to ensure the ongoing efficient operation of such structures.

We work closely with our clients’ existing advisors, as well as using our network of trusted financial service providers, to create an overarching strategy for the structuring and administration of each client’s unique wealth landscape to ensure that it remains fully tax compliant and functions in an optimal fashion while being able to evolve together with their own family’s changing life situations and needs.

We offer diverse professional skills and speciality knowledge to help create unique yet holistic solutions for clients' and their families' wealth structures while also acting as an independent soundboard for any financial decisions related theretoover time.

Latest insights

Recommendations will limit estate planning benefits of trusts

Published in Rapport 11 September 2016 (Afrikaans version)

Going forward, existing and new South African discretionary trusts that have loans owing to connected persons (persons with a direct or indirect interest in the trusts) may not enjoy the same protection against estate duty as is currently the case...

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New tax legislation affects trusts

Published in Rapport 18 July 2016 (Afrikaans version)

After a long period of uncertainty regarding what the legislator had in mind with regard to the taxation of trusts, the proposed tax law amendments were released for commentary last week...

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The 2016 budget and wealth taxes

Published in Rapport 6 March 2016 (Afrikaans version)

Treasury may not have increased tax rates affecting high-net-worth individuals as was expected by many analysts but proposals were made in this year’s budget review which are tantamount to wealth...

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Take note of trust tax reforms

Published in Rapport 19 July 2015 (Afrikaans version)

The recommendations of the Davis Tax Committee (DTC) regarding the way trusts should be taxed going forward may mean that trusts will no longer be the best vehicle for preserving ...

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Considering tax on offshore investments

Published in Rapport 25 January 2015 (Afrikaans version)

Wealthy South-Africans are often advised to invest offshore. Offshore investments that are done with the assistance of experienced and reliable financial advisors and asset managers may ...

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